Teaching Philosophy

My passion for teaching came to fruition during my experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco and as a Fulbright Scholar in Cairo, Egypt, where I began to gain the necessary skills to learn how to be resilient, to improvise, and to teach art with limited access to resources. In addition, I acquired the ability to facilitate and coordinate a wide-range of activities and diverse group dynamics, which has well equipped me to teach inside the classroom and outside.

While in Egypt, I have fond memories of working, organizing and leading a workshop called Printmaking Without a Press at Townhouse Gallery, where I received a first-hand experience of teaching a workshop in Arabic and English and learning how to creatively adjust my curriculum throughout the 6 week course, to accommodate the variety of needs and art levels.  

My primary expertise as a teacher lies in etching, relief, and monoprinting techniques. In addition, I have taught ceramics for 3 years in various capacities and am expanding my interest in teaching hybrid classes, that bridge ceramics, printmaking, and textile design.  The core of my teaching practice is rooted in four primary components: community engagement, critical discourse, experimentation, and research.